Leading provider of Engineering, project management services, and CAD GIS mapping services to the telecommunications industry.

Our expertise of more than 8 years allows us to offer planning and design services that are efficient at the lowest Building Cost possible

IFO telecom works alongside you as a partner and advisor in order to get the best plan for your productivity by accompanying you throughout the your projects.

Our skills allow us to work with many well-known companies in the field of optical fiber such as ORANGESFRCOVAGE NETWORKSALTUTIDE INFRASRUCTURE etc.

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Our Values


Professionalism is not an easy skill to develop, as it is made up of many different skills, all of which come together and tend to take years of experience to prefer. With us, you can do the work, we believe in reliability, honesty and hard work with a competent team of engineers and high-performance professionals supports each of your projects to have the satisfaction of our customers.


Over the years of work we have developed a transparent professional relationship based on trust between us and our customers. We are more able to use more than software that facilitates our work such as NETWORKS, COMAC, SADIRAH, AutoCAD, QGIS, ARCMAP, FME, COMAC, SADIRAH, WORKFLOW, IPON, GEOFIBRE, CAP FT, NATGEO, OP4MUN…

Proven solutions

One of our values is integrity and innovation, we don’t make excuses, but we focus on finding solutions, we will do the right thing even if it means taking the difficult road.


We work hardly to make our services available by considering both effective affordability strategies and an innovative solution, as well as non-patent solutions to complement our innovation in the field of fibre optics.

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