IFO TELECOM is a Leading provider of Engineering and network construction.

We are also experts in field audit and survey, project management services, and CAD GIS mapping services for the telecommunications industry.

Our company has been involved in fiber optic network deployment since 2013 in France. Working for significant operators, directly and indirectly, to build the best and most efficient gigabyte network with the lowest cost possible.

Our expertise of more than 9 years allows us to offer various services for our clients in all the Type of network deployment Projects (FTTX network).  

IFO telecom works alongside you as a partner and advisor. Our workforce of experts makes us the ideal back-office for our clients. Respond to all the needs and demands of the Project in terms of Planning and design + all GIS work, and cost efficiency study of the network, analyzing the budget and all the fieldwork required (and field team management).

We believe that nothing is impossible, and every problem has a solution. So there is never a limit to how much we can assist you in building the best fiber network in the Market. If you need it, WE HAVE IT.

The numbers say everything!

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Our Values

Proven Solutions

One of our values is integrity and innovation, we don’t make excuses, instead, we focus on finding solutions, and we are willing to take the difficult road if it means doing the right thing.


We work hard to make our services available by considering both effective affordability strategies and innovative solutions.


Professionalism is not an easy skill to develop, as it is made up of many different skills, all of which come together and tend to take years of experience to master. In IFO TELECOM, we believe in reliability, honesty, and hard work.


Over the years of work, we gained a transparent professional relationship based on trust between us and our customers by taking their needs into account and being respectful

Our confidence in our quality allows us to take on new challenges and always be eager to do better and achieve more.


Thanks to our wild range of expertise and services. We can adapt our processes to any project requirement and software used by our clients. We already have a wide range of choices in the software that we use such as NETWORKS, COMAC, SADIRAH, AutoCAD, QGIS, ARCMAP, FME, IGNMap, COMAC, SADIRAH, WORKFLOW, IPON, GEOFIBER, CAP FT, NATGEO, Optimum Orange…. we can also recommend the type of files in the deliverable according to the project.

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