During a network building phase all work is managed by our professionally competent engineers. Their task is to ensure all work is carried out as per the agreed plan. Fibre hygiene is important but having a skilled engineer who understands fibre and how it works can save hours if not days on site. its not the same as copper cabling or wireless  access points.
  IFO TELECOM takes on the mission of carrying out the field surveys and transcribes all the information related to the site on which the network must be set up, thanks to our field team which has mastery of the infrastructure and the constraints linked to the works. Based on preliminary studies ,we defines an execution plan, an essential document for the technical teams in charge of the projectand then the fiber optic network can then be deployed and connected in the field. Two main types of work are carried out during this phase:

  • The field surveys: the number of Homes that should be connected and the infrastructure that exist on the field such as [ Poles / MANhole / handhole … ] 
  • Building the Network: Installation work of the boxes and connection of the optical fiber, fiber optic pullings to pass it in the underground pipes or on the existing posts. The installation of fiber optics in buildings or subdivisions is carried out once the necessary permits have been obtained

IFO TELECOM offers also a maintenance and on-call service dedicated to operators, local authorities and all professionals (FTTH-O). In addition to deployment and connection, we. takes care of the maintenance of fiber optic networks dedicated to subscribers . When IFO TELECOM build a network whether it be overhead or underground we like to do an audit over all to ensure that  the client to ensure they are satisfied with the quality and standard of workmanship and any remedial work can be corrected before moving on.