The FTTH access network study mission will start with the study of the technical documentation of the condition of the existing networks and the analysis of the needs in terms of services and infrastructure. Our experts will offer the best technical solution to meet your needs while optimizing investments. This mission generally includes the following tasks:

  • Engineering and execution studies
  • Identification of connectable (local) sockets
  • Identification of mobilizable infrastructures
  • Location of ORS and determination of rear areas
  • Choosing the best network architectures
  • Sizing of the different components of the civil engineering and optical fiber infrastructure of the chosen solution
  • Development of technical documentation (civil engineering, fiber optic service, etc.)
  • Estimate of the cost of the chosen solution

We are studying the 4 segments of the optical infrastructure:

  1. The collection network
  2. The Transport Network
  3. The Distribution Network
  4. The Connection Network

During an optical fiber project (connection, deployment), the 1st engineering phase carried out by our design office consists of drafting a Simplified Pre-Project for our customers and our technical teams. This PSA remains the initial document essential to the feasibility of the project.

Throughout this step, fiber optic engineering will precisely define the architecture of a plate, the geographic area concerned by the deployment of the fiber optic network. All the necessary optical routes are studied and plotted in order to correctly size the future network.

Secondly, our teams are responsible for drafting a second reference document, the Final Draft, the PDA. The drafting of this document requires new interventions largely carried out in the field.

 For each project, this engineering phase defines all the optical routes necessary for the deployment of the network. The IFO TELECOM design office can then update the Geographic Information System (GIS), an essential step for our operator customers and updating their eligibility areas.

 These initial studies completed and validated, the Final Draft (APD) will remain the reference document for the launch of the project and the conduct of works