Planning & Design

We offer our clients the turnkey solution in planning and design services. Allowing us to accompany our client from the start of the project until the end.

Field Works & Maintenance

IFO TELECOM takes on the mission of carrying out the field surveys and transcribes all the information related to the site on which the network must build.


This service offers the possibility to the client to hire a consultant and directly manage them. IFO TELECOM offers you the most suitable solutions for your business needs, while benefiting from the best pricing conditions, we offer you the opportunity to benefit Selecting the right profile for you.

DAS Design Services

At DAS Design Services, we are a leading provider of in-building wireless design solutions using iBwave software. With a strong focus on delivering high-quality design services

Our Work Processes

It is our most and absolute priority that we offer our clients the best of the best product.

That is why we preparer a process for our new clients so we can be efficient as soon as possible.

PS: NDA will be signed and sent by email or post before starting this process.

Phase 1

Exchange of engineering Documents related to your Projects and example of the output that the client need (if possible).

Phase 2

The first output in the pilot phase consists of proving and demonstrating our capability of adapting to your demands in terms of quality and quantity. Since we have various modules in the output, we will suggest also in this phase different modules and documents for the client while preserving the initial output module in phase 01 (if the client is open to suggestions)

The pilot is free of cost and with no engagement necessary.

Phase 3

In this phase, we talk more with the client about the duration of the project and the schedule / Timeline. We resolve also all the financial matters and fix the price and draft the contract (legal procedure).

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