This service offers the possibility to our clients to hire a consultant and directly manage them. IFO TELECOM presents you with the most suitable solutions for your business needs while benefiting from the best pricing conditions, we present the opportunity to select the right profile for you.

These profiles can navigate or work from a distance using various ways of communication (Skype, teams, zoom ...) Depending on your needs.

Our business consultants are experienced leaders and practitioners who by using their professional skills to study, design, organize, and manage projects and encompassing multiple activities, work effectively alongside you to pursue the mission


• Project managers
• Expertise in FTTX fiber-optic network engineering (site, home, business, etc.)
• Fiber Planner [certified in
• QGIS and other GIS programs]
• Auditor
• Fiber-Optic Installation
• Engineers
• Fiber Splicers
• Fiber Planner

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