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9+ Years Of Experience

IFO TELECOM is a leading provider of Engineering, network construction, field audit and survey, project management services, and CAD GIS mapping services for the telecommunications industry.

Our Customers

Services we offer

Planning & Design

We offer our clients the turnkey solution in planning and design services. Allowing them to accompany us throughout their projects from the beginning to the end.

Field Works & Maintenance

IFO TELECOM takes on the mission of carrying out the field surveys and transcribes all the information related to the site on which the network must build.


IFO TELECOM offers you the most suitable solutions for your business needs while benefiting from the best pricing conditions, by offering you the opportunity to select the right profile to hire as a consultant 

Benefits of Working with IFO TELECOM

Solve Resourcing Problems

Searching for the right profile and recruiting high-level experts can be very challenging for all companies nowadays due to these pandemics and COVID restrictions.

IFO TELECOM offers you various solutions for your business to cover all your project's needs thanks to the consulting services and the turnkey solution in planning and design.

Cost Efficiency (Save Time & Money)

We can offer you all you need to build your network. starting from planning and design and even the fieldwork and survey.

Thanks to our expertise in the field and the best prices in the market that we offer to our clients.

Reactivity & Proactivity

At IFO TELECOM, we believe that nothing is impossible. We are prepared to go the extra mile for our clients. 

We trait tend to strive for a specific goal and make things happen toward our desired outcome.

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