We Have 8+ Years Of Planning & Design Services.

Founded in 2013, IFO Telecom has been is the leading provider of Engineering, project management services, and CAD GIS mapping services to the telecommunications industry.

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Planning & Design

Fibre optic network design requires specialist engineers to assist in the design of the network infrastructure. If designed correctly a fibre network can be maintained efficiently and cost effectively.

Field Works & Maintenance

Allowing maintenance teams to be able to carry out task effectively. IFO TELECOM have experience of realization of field surveys and re-transcribed all the information related to the site on which the network must be set up, thanks to our field team which has a mastery of the infrastructure and the constraints related to the works.


IFO TELECOM offers you the most suitable solutions for your business needs, while benefiting from the best pricing conditions, we offer you the opportunity to benefit.

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